Events Update
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Events Update

Added 44 photos of Zahn attending various events in 2017, replacing one old MQ pic with a HQ version (the middle pic below)

The easiest way to see these new additions is to browse by date 🙂

I also re-arranged the Events category in the gallery, giving each year it’s own sub-category. It looks cleaner that way 🙂

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Togo Screencaps

Zahn had a bit part in Togo (2019), a movie about the hero lead sled dog Togo and his owner Seppala of the Great Race of Mercy that took place in 1925 to deliver a life saving serum in...
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The Silencing Screencaps

I enjoyed this little thriller :) Zahn did a good job playing a supporting character named Karl Blackhawk, the current boyfriend/husband of the main male character's ex-wife. He's also a cop and involved in solving the crimes, so he's...