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Recent Server Problems

My host Webhostpython began performing a server upgrade on November 27, replacing the server I’m hosted on with a new, more powerful one. There were problems. Here’s a copy/paste from some of WHP’s e-mails to me, the gist of what’s been going on:

Moments before the final data transfer was to occur, the old DA71 server began to have issues. This caused the server to go down multiple times. After getting the old server up, we then ran the last data transfer which now took longer to complete.


The server migration for DA71 had been completed 2 days ago. However, shortly after investigating the migration we found that many of the databases that had come over were corrupted. We began trying to repair those databases as the tickets would come in for customers. As the ticket queue continued to grow with these issues, we found that there were far too many issues for us to be able to repair 1 by 1 and that the employee in charge of importing databases did so incorrectly. This morning about at 9am eastern standard time, I authorized the shutdown of the entire database server so that the entire database system could be repaired as almost all of the databases were corrupted and leaving the database server online while doing this would cause more damage.

I’m sorry for the downtime and weirdness! The problems should now be resolved.

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‘Longmire’s’ Zahn McClarnon Soars in ‘Dark Winds’

Great interview by

From ‘Reservation Dogs’ to ‘Westworld,’ the actor embraces playing Native American roles while honoring his heritage

Surprises have been part of actor Zahn McClarnon’s life since, well, before he was born. That’s because his parents had no idea that they were going to have twins. In fact, McClarnon’s middle name, Tokiya-Ku, which means “first to come” in the Lakota language, refers to his being the first born, just shortly before his fraternal twin brother.

Another surprise for him was becoming an actor. We’ll get to that in a minute.

And one final surprise was landing a role in a musical. You’ll read why.

Zahn McClarnon, 56, took time to talk with Next Avenue about all this and more. What follows is our interview, edited for length and clarity. Continue reading ‘Longmire’s’ Zahn McClarnon Soars in ‘Dark Winds’

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Server Upgrade on November 27, 2022

My host WHP will be performing a server upgrade and replacing the server I’m hosted on with a new, more powerful one on next Sunday, the November 27th:

There will be very minimal downtime. We will migrate all of the accounts over ourselves to the new machine. When the migration has been completed, this is where the downtime will occur and last about 5 minutes while we swap the IPs out and activate the new server while powering down the old one. The exact time this will occur unfortunately is unknown since it depends on when the migration is completed.

So if you notice any of my sites being down on Sunday, this is probably the reason and it’ll be back up ASAP!